"Thank god i listened to my wife on what company to go with for our back patio. The other company i wanted to go with is out of business and all his work is cracking. The back yard is absolutely beautiful now and it's our favorite spot to relax."  

Joe L.

North Brunswick, N.J.

Resin Bound and Bonded Paving 

GeoPaveX - Adtex

  Design and engineering teams now have access to the superior performance, increased service life, and low maintenance's of decorative polyurethane resin surfacing. Finished surfaces provide the appearance of loose stone with the convenience of fixed paving. Our products are ideal for streetscapes, parks, historic sites, schools, theme parks, driveways, patios, steps and roads.

  At HardScape Options we are committed to providing you with consistently high quality products, value for money and excellent installation service. We work hard to maintain the highest level of customer service, technical support and after-care, and engage with you to improve and evolve our range of products and services to reflect your needs. By continuously innovating and developing what we do, and how we do it, we strive to meet and even exceed your expectations.

  By combining our superior clear resin and premium quality natural aggregate, marble and recycled materials we offer you the highest quality resin bound paving that is permeable, durable, UV stable, smooth and accessible, easy to maintain and SuDS compliant.


 GeoPaveX & GeoPaveX EZ-Float

  GeoPaveX is a trowel-finish, resin bound paving system that is available in a wide range of natural aggregates, recycled materials, marble and glass. GeoPaveX provides a smooth, aesthetically pleasing, UV stable and hardwearing surface that is resistant to cracking. The system can overlay existing surfaces such as asphalt, concrete and other stable substrates, it is ideal for urban revitalization.

  GeoPaveX is an innovative resin paving system that combines durability and performance with visual appeal. Combining a resin binder and selected natural aggregates produces a decorative and permeable surface that is hard wearing and requires very little maintenance.

  Select from a wide range of colors and textures, of specially selected aggregate of varying sizes and colors. Couple this with the potential to use other design elements, gives GeoPaveX an extensive variety of options for designing within the built environment.


  • Produces a highly attractive surface

  • Permeable – for stormwater management

  • Easy to maintain

  • Restricts weed growth

  • Sustainable for external or internal use

  • Tree pit packs available

  • Can incorporate design elements


  GeoPaveX is a two-component custom polyurethane resin binder that is highly durable, it is a neutral, amber color that is suitable for buff, yellow, and brown aggregates. Through the effects of sunlight there will be some warming of the binder color in the early life of the finished system.

  • Produces a highly attractive surface

  • Cost effective

  • Quick hardening

  • Durable and strong

  Designed for ease of installation, GeoPaveX EzFloat has a consistency that allows a free-flowing application even at lower temperatures.

  It is exceptionally resistant to discoloration after exposure to light and is suitable for a wide range of aggregates that will create a natural looking, decorative finish.

  • Produces a natural looking seamless finish

  • Free-flowing application

  • Can be applied at low temperatures

  • UV resistant

  • Adaptable curing times using an optional catalyst



  This perfect choice for refurbishment projects in heritage and conservation areas, rejuvenating public spaces and enhancing driveways. A quick and easy to install system that creates an attractive, highly durable surface, ideal for all traffic types.

Specifically formulated for use in resin bonded surfacing, our Adtex, resin bonded systems, are easy to install. We apply the resin binder to a base surface, such as asphalt or concrete, then broadcast a layer of specifically selected, natural aggregates over the wet resin.

  The wide range of aggregate colors and shapes available offers the potential to introduce design elements. We also have a range of color pigment packs that can be added to the binder, to add a splash of color to the finished system.

  Aftercare isn’t always necessary for resin bonded paving, although it is normal for the surface to shed loosely bonded aggregate for a period of time after application, this can just be swept away. Loose debris such as leaves and mud should be removed as soon as possible either by a light pressure washing or sweeping. We also supply an easy to apply, glaze coat for resin surfaces that will rejuvenate and protect the surface.

  Our Adtex resin bonded binder is part of a new generation of specialist two part, solvent-free polyurethane resins. Like our GeoPaveX resins, Adtex shares many of the same environmental benefits, primary being sustainable and derived from natural resin.

  The Geveko Markings hybrid resin system is designed specifically by their team of chemists and has undergone extensive testing and development to provide our applicators with and industry beating solution which is not only very easy to apply but offers a very high strength binder for bonded applications.

  The resin binder is supplied in a neutral amber color to compliment our aggregate, however the binder can also be colored with the use of pigments where additional color is required.

Our specialist Adtex binder is:

  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • Highly durable

  • Suitable for heritage or new build sites

  • Quick hardening

  • Able to bond to a wide range of substrates

  • Long service life

  • Low maintenance

  • Easy to install

  • Anti-slip


Resin surfacing offers design options and engineered performance including:

  • Products – decorative, anti-slip, color demarcation, reflective and permeable options

  • Material Components – Two-part hybrid polyurethane resin, natural aggregate, and pigment

  • Installation Process – Cold application with increased moisture tolerance and a wider temperature range.

  • Crosswalks

  • Landscape Themes

  • Heritage Sites

  • Pathways, Porches & Steps

  • Driveways & Garages

  • Basements

  • Indoor Flooring

  • Golf Courses

  • New Construction

  • Tear Outs

  • Overlays

  • Color Options

  • Design Options

" Al and his crew did a beautiful job on my driveway and patio with the Resin Bound Stone. It came out better than i ever thought it would."


Sherry D.

Jamesburg, N.J. 

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