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Surface Coatings We Offer

Metallic Epoxy - Concrete Stains - Chip Epoxy - Permaflex - Rustic Concrete Wood & more


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Types of floor coatings we offer

  • Rubberized floor coatings are water-based, single-component products, created through a unique process of cross-linking urethanes, acrylics, and co-polymers, and utilizing recycled rubber crumb as an aggregate.  These coatings are designed to provide an attractive, highly durable, impact resistant, non-slip surface.


  • Metallic Epoxy coatings Metallic pigments combined with our 100% solids, create a shiny, reflective floor that scores big on looks and durability. Metallic pigments create depth and movement in the floor that replicates molten metal or ocean blue waters.

  • Epoxy floor coatings include many coatings used in most commercial and industrial settings. Epoxy can be used as a thick flooring material itself over a concrete subfloor, or serve as a protective layer with heat, chemical, and impact resistance qualities, for example.

  • Polyurethane floor coatings are more elastic than epoxies but not as permanent, and like epoxies, serve as a common base for a variety of coating purposes from antimicrobial to decorative and more. 


  • Anti-slip floor coatings make use of special aggregates added to a base (often epoxy) to create a surface that remains grippy and safe even when wet. There is a range of types and uses, from clear coating a tile restroom floor to withstanding heavy machinery traffic in a manufacturing plant.

  • Antimicrobial floor coatings are sought primarily in medical or food related buildings, usually according to FDA or other government requirement. They typically are epoxy or polyurethane based, and work by slow-release of an antimicrobial agent and by creating a non-porous surface, sort of a hostile desert for unwanted micro-organisms.

  • Decorative floor coatings refer mainly to the fact that a coating has some aesthetic purpose or value, which can be included in a non-slip coating, for instance. There are also commercial and industrial floor coatings with decorative aggregates of flakes or pebbles to give a textured appearance, often in an epoxy base.

Cementitious Urethane Mortar Flooring

  • Our USDA approved, antimicrobial cementitious urethane flooring offers the combination of versatility and strength that many challenging environments rely on. Particularly popular in commercial kitchens and food and beverage processing facilities, our urethane cements and coating systems lend themselves well to a variety of industrial, commercial and institutional floor coating applications.

MMA Acrylic Flooring

  • For applications where time is of the essence and you need a resilient, seamless and low-maintenance floor, our acrylic MMA flooring is the solution you’re looking for. FloroCryl MMA (methyl methacrylate) industrial acrylic coating for concrete flooring is an exceptionally versatile material, making it ideal for industrial, commercial and institutional concrete flooring.

Thin film Urethane Floor Coatings

  • When you need your flooring to have some of the best chemical, stain and abrasion resistance available, our urethane floor coating systems are the answer. For a high performance topcoat, the array of unique benefits offered by our thin film urethanes is hard to beat.

Formulated to withstand the damaging effects of harsh solvents and a

broad spectrum of chemicals, our thin film urethanes are highly effective topcoats that provide lasting protection against a wide variety of problematic substances without compromising aesthetics. This outstanding selection of high performance urethanes can be used in solid-colored, stand-alone systems over compatible primers or as protective, clear finish coats over our selection of decorative concrete flooring.

Polyaspartic Floor Finishes

  • You don’t always have the time or the ability to shut down your facility—not even for critical maintenance like floor installation. Institutions like schools and universities, 24-hour hospitals and public safety facilities, and even retail and grocery stores sometimes need to get back onto their new floor in a matter of hours. When timing is critical, and especially when air management is not possible, Florospartic polyspartic floor coating is the way to go. With its excellent resistance to chemicals and abrasion as well as its fast, very low-odor curing, this flooring gives you the high performance floor finish you need, when you need it.

Each of these resinous epoxy flooring and other polymer floor finishing systems furnishes the end user with a unique set of performance and aesthetic characteristics. Occasionally a single type of resin chemistry is used to coat an industrial, commercial or institutional floor. More commonly, however, several resin systems are installed in layers to provide optimal properties in a customized flooring solution.


Additional Overlay Products

Natural Mica Flakes


Quartz Granules

Terrazzo Flakes

Natural Wood Chips

Polyester Glitter Flakes

Hybrid Stone

Fluorescent Flakes

 Glow Flakes

Interior and exterior applications

We Offer The Following Epoxy Coatings, Graniflex, Urethanes & more

  • Metallic Epoxy 

  • Italian Marble

  • Permaflex

  • Concrete Stain

Metallic Epoxy Coatings

Beauty and Durability

Metallics are a great option for residential, high traffic retail and commercial applications.

  • Metallic Epoxy gives our customers a unique flooring option

  • Create 1 off CUSTOM floors

  • Man Cave approved

  • Marble look without the cost

  • Put the "WOW" factor in any entryway or lobby

  • 1, 2, or 3 color applications for that unique floor

  • The best self-leveling epoxy on the market today


GRANIFLEX™ Flakes/Quartz Broadcast System is a decorative, multi-lift, high strength concrete resurfacing system. It is used for environments requiring an attractive, high performance floor or when a concrete floor needs the protection of a moisture controlling system. This fast-setting “bond-like-crazy” flexible membrane is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after coatings on the market today! Flexible Penetration Technology combined with Elongation Memory & Permanent Elongation is just a small part of why this premier coating is making both contractors and homeowners alike say . . . “I Love GRANIFLEX”!

Perfect application for pool decks, driveways, sidewalks, patios, porches, garage floors, basement floors, kitchen areas, restrooms, living areas and more. Useful for both exterior or interior! This system is HIGHLY CRACK RESISTANT. The flexible penetration technology of this product never gets brittle over time and cures as tough as truck tires INSIDE the capillaries of your concrete. 1000’s of PERMANENT colorful chip combinations. The look of Granite or Quartz flooring on any surface!


  • Delivers a range of texture variations depending on thickness or number of lifts

  • Great physical strengths

  • Highly chemical resistant

  • Excellent wear characteristics

  • Specially blended colored aggregates create a variety of decorative colored looks• Gardner 1 (clear) epoxies available• Typical application of approximately 1/16″- 118″

  • Anywhere an aesthetic concrete re-surface is required



Home & Business Owners Love GRANIFLEX™

  • Beautiful Granite-like resurfacing!

  • Fast turn-around times (no need for their surface to be down for extended days at a time)

  • Landscaping not tore-up like would happen on typical concrete tear-out and replacement.

  • Unlimited color options with quartz and flake color blends!

  • Less expensive than replacement

  • Highly crack resistant

  • Unique…not the same old gray!

Unlimited applications and color options with quartz and flake color blends

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The Original Floor Coating System


Decorative Floor Coatings

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What are color chips?

They are decorative color chip flakes that are designed for use in a variety of decorative applications, including seamless, resinous flooring systems and multi-colored wall systems. Color chips are produced from pigments, resin, filler, and additives, are through-colored, random in shape, and available in a wide array of colors to provide unique texture and color to coated surfaces. They closely resemble thin vinyl and there is no color bleed when they become wet.

c light-sprinkle.jpg
c med-sprinkle.jpg
c heavy-sprinkle.jpg

Light Sprinkle

Medium Broadcast

Heavy Broadcast

c full-broadcast.jpg

Full Broadcast

Chip Colors

Pre-Made Blends

c Wine-Barrel-Blend.jpg
c rustoleum-tan.jpg
c rustoleum-blue.jpg
c Prairie-Color-Chips-Blend.jpg
c New-Camouflage.jpg
c midnight-Blend.jpg
c Light-Earth-Tone-Blend.jpg
c hockeytown-blend.jpg
c harley-mix.jpg
c Harley-Chrome-Blend.jpg
c Desert-Sand-Blend.jpg
c Dark-Earth-Tone-Sparkle-Sm.jpg
c Black-Marble-Sparkle-Full-Broadcast-Sm
c black-marble-blend.jpg
c autumn-brown-blend.jpg

Base Colors

c taupe.png
c wheat.jpg
c off-White.jpg
c Light-Gray.jpg
c slate.jpg
c charcoal.jpg
c royalBlue.jpg
c beige.jpg
c tile-red.png
c green.jpg
c black.jpg
c Light-Blue.png
Concrete Stain

Add color and style to garages, basements, driveways, walkways, patios or any concrete surface. Concrete Stains not only protect your home's grounds, they can make them more inviting.


Over time, the surface of your walkway, patio, garage floor or any concrete surface can become dull and worn down. Give the area a sleek, new look by applying a concrete stain that complements your home and protects the integrity of the surface. It doesn't have to be old or worn, it can be newly poured concrete surface that you want a designer look to. We use only Professional Grade Stains on our customers surface with multiple color options.